Miami Mold Specialists Issues Public Warning Over Potential Spring Season Mold Epidemic



Miami Mold Specialists, a 30 year veteran within the indoor environmental industries, has recently announced a general public warning message in regards to a potential mold epidemic throughout South Florida.

Due to what is already the start of an early yet very active allergy and mold season, along with this deadly flu season still in full swing wreaking havoc across the nation,compounded by the eastern seaboard getting hammered by late in the season nor easter’s, and with Florida receiving a last minute cold snap; the annual spring cleaning list is likely to be the last thought on most people’s minds.

“After working within this industry for more than 30 years up and down the east coast, we have witnessed what can happen to homes, large residential buildings, commercial structures, and even public places in the spring after extreme winters. We have witnessed in many in residential neighborhoods and multi unit buildings where multiple neighbors and tenants will have mold removed, only to have it comeback due to a close proximity contaminated unit or units. This is the reason as to why citizens and officials need to take these types of threats seriously,” stated Moty Katz, a thirty year veteran of the indoor environmental industries and operations manager for Miami Mold Specialists.

Mr. Katz continued, “There are plenty of news stories and documented cases about mold throughout apartment complexes, schools, and even in courthouses prior to the past hurricane season. Now lets think about the flooding, the chemical plants and industrial complexes, flooded automobiles and gas tanks, sewage treatment facilities, factories, warehouses, septic tanks; it is worrisome to say the least. Mold, mold spores and toxins, contaminated rotting materials, pollen, coupled with existing environmental conditions could very well set off a very serious chain of events in a small period of time. That is why we are making this public awareness announcement. It is important this spring for all of us to be proactive and report mold, serious hazards, and dilapidated buildings as soon you see them.”

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Miami Mold Specialists website also includes a list of top South Florida allergy and immunology doctors that specialize in preventing allergies, toxicology, and immune systems.

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