After Irma: Miami Residents Pick Up the Pieces; Flood Damage, Clean Up, Toxic Mold On Top Authorities Agenda


“Miami Mold Specialists: Hurricane Damage, Contaminated Flood Water, Water Damage, and Toxic Mold Major Health Risk Warns Miami Mold Removal Company Miami Mold Specialists.”


Record setting Hurricane Irma has left a name for herself in the history books as she recently carved a path of destruction and devastation after finally making landfall in South Florida.

Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc throughout the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Cuba days before smashing into Florida with maximum sustained winds of 200+ miles an hour, wind gusts of over 225+ miles per hour and maintaining a category 5 Hurricane status for over 5 consecutive days.

Compared by many weather experts to Hurricane Andrew, Superstorm Irma is in fact twice the size of Andrew, and substantially more powerful.

One reputable South Florida water damage and mold removal company that is making a positive impact in the greater Miami area, Miami Mold Specialist, is all too familiar with both the immediate and extended hurricane aftermath clean up, remediation, and future preventative measures that are required to prevent flooding, water damage, and toxic mold infestation.

A spokesperson for Miami Mold Specialist stated, “As we have been in the environmental, indoor air quality, water damage restoration, and mold removal services industries for over 30 years we have witnessed a long list of both natural and man-made catastrophes that have affected millions. Since we previously owned and operated the same type of business in NYC, we have dealt with extreme weather conditions for over 3 decades. Long periods of torrential rain, severe thunderstorms, snow storm, blizzards, Nor’easters, tropical storms, and even moderate to severe hurricanes. All of these natural catastrophes triggered a wide range of unique conditions and circumstances in regards to storm damage, flooding, clean up, restoration, repairs, and rebuilding. With that being said, our extensive experiences have given us the knowledge to not only complete projects efficiently and effectively, but more so the knowledge on how to bring official attention to both obvious and potential hazards that are in a sense lying in wait for perfect conditions”.

According to Miami Mold Specialists’ website and social media accounts, their trained technicians utilize the latest and most advanced state of the art mold inspection, mold remediation, and indoor air quality technologies. Miami Mold Specialists are one of the only multi-state certified, eco-friendly, mold remediation companies in South Florida that has successfully completed thousands of mold removal projects in and around the greater Miami area.

Miami Mold Specialists recently launched a Hurricane Irma Relief Program for those struggling with toxic mold. Read more here-

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