Miami Mold Specialists Expands Service Area to Florida Keys

Miami based mold removal company, Miami Mold Specialists, Grows Business Reach from Miami to Florida Keys


With the recent record setting Hurricane season now officially over, Florida as well as other parts of the nation, are still busy cleaning and rebuilding from Hurricane Irma, Maria, and Harvey’s devastating impacts.

With any catastrophe, there are always people whom genuinely help, then there are others of the predatory nature. In Florida for example, shortly after Hurricane Irma blew through the state, there was an extreme need for a wide range of contractors, with a tremendous amount of them coming in to work illegitimately, illegally, or without knowledge of state laws governing specific construction fields.

Miami Mold Specialists witnessed this massive influx of improperly documented contractors and decided to expand there service area as to give consumers in less populated areas a fair shake in terms of pricing, by offering an additional option when compared to the big corporations…

This massive influx was also a major deciding factor in Miami Mold Specialists launching a Hurricane Irma Relief Program, several new business divisions, the upgrading equipment and technology, fleet vehicle acquisitions, planning and set up for franchise ops.

Find out more about Miami Mold Specialists Hurricane Relief Program here-

All clients now also receive a complimentary eco-friendly package of AirBiotics, one of Miami Mold Specialists new strategic partnerships.

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